Henry Gibson

Henry Gibson

The Poetry Of Henry Gibson A Tribute04:17

The Poetry Of Henry Gibson A Tribute

Some of Henry Gibson's comedy from the 1960s

Henry Gibson (b. "James Bateman", Germantown, Pennsylvania 9/21/1935 - d. Malibu, California 9/14/2009) was an American character actor, voice actor, poet, and song writer. He may be best remembered for his appearances as a poet on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In during the 1960s, and his roles in the film Wedding Crashers and the television drama Boston Legal.

Henry's contributions to animation during a long career in stage, radio, television, and motion pictures from age 7 include voice work on Aaaah! Real Monsters, and several performances as Merv Stimpleton in Rocket Power episodes as well as the Dream Scheme video game. He died of cancer at home a week short of what would have been his 74th birthday in 2009.

Like the Merv character he voiced, Gibson had served in the US military during the 1950s, was a man of many talents, and lived near the sea.

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