Oldest operating McDonalds in Downey Calif-8596

This is the type of building your editor saw in the episode.

McDonald's is a fast-food company based in the United States. Collectively, its franchisee- and company-owned stores and the people who work in them make up the largest single organization in the world involved in food service.


In Home Sweet Home, the snack bar occupying a corner inside the Skatopia attraction can be recognized (even with a different paint job and without its arches) as having been at one time a McDonald's window-service location, by those familiar with Stanley Meston's iconic architecture used by that company in its early days. Some modern McDonald's locations still use that style of building, and many newer ones were simply upgrades built around the original design.

Behind the scenes

  • Joseph Ashton's first acting job as a toddler was in a McDonald's commercial.
  • During the time that RP was in production, Klasky-Csupo was also producing a home video series for McDonald's called The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald. Many voiceactors, artists and other studio staff were involved in both efforts.
  • The only hamburger company to be associated with RP, however, was market rival Burger King, which had promoted other Nickelodeon tv shows and movies (and still does).