The name, appearance, and status of Ray's mom are known only to Klasky-Csupo and Nickelodeon.

Danielle and Noelani IotM flashback

Danielle (L) and Noelani (R) at a beach party when they were younger. (Island of the Menehune)

Mrs. Rocket could refer to any of three people, only two of whom were developed as characters:

  • Raymundo's mom, who is also Reggie and Otto's paternal grandmother, whom we have never seen and whose name we do not know
  • The late Danielle Rocket, Raymundo's first wife and Reggie and Otto's birth mother
  • The former Miss Noelani Makani, Raymundo's second wife and Reggie and Otto's stepmother

Fanfiction frequently has Otto marrying Trish, Clio, or some original fancharacter in his adulthood. This would also create another Mrs. Rocket.

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