The teeming masses of humanity who come to the beach. Actually derived from a real word of New Jersey origin[1], probably derived from "shoe bearer" or "shoe box" for people who wear hard shoes to the beach. Locals can't live peaceably with them; businessmen can't live well without them.

In the Latin American version of the show, the word "shoobie" was replaced by "Turi" or its plural, "Turis" (pronounced "too-ree" or "too-ree-s"), which was a contraction of the word "turista", or tourist. As it was used in the show it had a rather derogative connotation - the "turis," or "shoobies," were seen as invaders of sorts, and treated like that by the kids who saw their beach crowded to the point where they were not able to roam there at will.

In the earliest episodes, Sam was sometimes considered a "shoobie", because he used to wear socks and sandals at the beach, until Reggie explaind to him the meaning of the word.thumb|300px|right|We've been invaded

  1. Costello P (2005). Greenhead politics: the story Brigantine taxpayers were never told. Lincoln, NE: iUniverse (ISBN 0595367631), at 9.

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