Tito Makani
Tito hq


Raymundo Rocket's business partner at the Shore Shack

Voiced by

Ray Bumatai (1952-2004)


Surfing, telling ancient Hawaiʻian stories




Tito Makani was a surfer from Hawaiʻi and a fry cook at the Shore Shack. He was good friends with Ray Rocket. His notable actions included, surfing, telling stories and giving advice.

He is known for telling his ancient Hawaiʻian stories. He has a nephew named Keoni.

In Extreme Nerd, it reveals Tito has a crush on Paula Dulllard.

It reveals in Twist of Fate Tito watches Gundho Gopher such as Twister.

Early Life

Tito was born in Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi. He was orphaned at a young age after his parents were captured by shoobies, causing him to foster a deep and powerful loathing for them.

Later Years

In the early 1970's Tito was hired by Ray Rocket to work at the Shore Shack after getting a bum deal at Del Taco across town. Their relationship strengthened over the years, bonding over activities like surfing and cooking. Tito was like a second father to the kids, giving advice and cooking meals. He was highly revered for his keen wits and loving personality.