Violet Stimpleton
Supporting Character






60+ years


Merv, Husband

Violet is Merv's wife. She and Reggie are good friends, as Reggie grew up without her mother around and needed a female role model. She has won the Ocean Fest Flower Festival for 30 years running. She has violet-colored hair and wears a chartreuse dress with white floral prints. Besides his mother, she is the only person who Twister Rodriguez will let her call him by his real name.

The role of Violet Stimpleton was read by Edie McClurg.

Snapshot 2012-01-14 19-29-08

Before Noelani came into the picture, Violet Stimpleton appeared to be Otto and Reggie's acting mother/grandmother figure, who was greatly despised and nobody liked being around, as seen here in the episode "D is for Dad".

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