Woogie underview

Woogie! Woogie! Woogie!

The woogy is the secret greeting popularized by the Rocket Power Crew. Serving the multiple roles of patrol yell, good luck prayer, greeting, and embrace, it probably originated between Otto and Reggie and spread to other members of their peer group.

How It's Done

Extend one hand towards the other person and wiggle your fingers independently, and chant "Woogity! Woogity! Woogity!". This may be done palm up or palm down. If there are three or more people should form a circle. Hands are not required to touch, but it's okay if they do. Then you withdraw and go about doing what you set out to do. The whole rite should take no more than three seconds.

Woogie's Legacy

In the later years, the Woogie was adapted as a call and return for generations to come.

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