Zevi Wolmark (born August 19, 1962) is a TV series actor, cinematography professor, voice actor and TV from the United States. Zevi became famous in the late 1980's with his appearance in many TV series like 'Superboy', but he often worked as a voice actor in the 1990's. In 'Rocket Power' Zevi has lend his voice for the character of Small Sprocket, appearing in 2 episodes.[1]

Zevi Wolmark




Juilliard School, New York City

Voice Acting

Small Sprocket


TVmaze, IMDb

Other Names

Stewart Wolmark


Personal Life

Born in 1962 in San Francisco, Stewart Zevi Wolmark is a locally known actor who became famous with his theater acting skills, while in college. Although having spend most of his childhood in San Francisco, Zevi moved to New York in order to attend in the Juilliard School and perfect his acting skills. Performing for the Schools theater plays, Zevi got his window of opportunity in 1985, when he was invited to play a guest role in a TV series. Since then he has moved many times and evolved in his career that he now lives in New York with his wife and two children.[2]


Once the breakthrough of his career happened, Zevi got involved in many more TV projects like 'Superboy' in 1988, 'War and Remembrance' and 'Super Scary Saturday'.[3] The public, especially kids loved his performance in 'C.O.P.S.', so that boosted his confidence for his voice acting career, and this is how he got involved in 'Rocket Power'. Wolmark worked on several other projects where he was not entirely credited. Wolmark appeared back on the TV scene in 2010, and worked on a couple of projects like 'Welcome to Sweetie Pie's'. Zevi often collaborated with RISD and ARTIC on different projects, displaying the beauty of cinematography.[4][5]


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